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Are you a football fan, a Chelsea supporter or informed about events in the football world, then we encourage you to write for us a a guest blogger.
How to Submit Guest Post
Send your articles in word format via email to [email protected] with the title “Guest Article”.
If your article is accepted, we’ll publish it within 7 days after submission. If not, please do not hesitate to send a reminder via email.
What You Get?
1.) You will get full credit for the post.
2.) In addition, you are allowed to use 2 backlinks for your site inside the post. (for bloggers and affiliate marketers)
3.) Building reputation and exposure to our visitors.
Articles We Accept
* Topics: Post about Chelsea or any football clubs that will engage our readers.
* Post Length: A minimum 600 words minimum.
* When using any “creative common commercially usable licensed” images, make sure that the image is properly attributed.
* Article should be unique and 100% original i.e has never been published before and can never publish elsewhere again.
* Admin reserves the right of editing posts, modify and implement primary keywords if necessary and approve and reply comments after publishing.
* Please proofread the post before submission. Include at least 1 related image to the post. If not, we reserve the right to include image(s) if necessary.
After Submission
* Feel free to promote the submitted article on renowned social media sites once it is published.
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