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Why Antonio Conte should stick with Andreas Christensen over David Luiz

A Chelsea fans’ opinion on why Antonio Conte should stick with Andreas Christensen at the center of the back three now and for the future.

Why Antonio Conte should stick with Andreas Christensen

David Luiz is no doubt an amazing center back, who has given us – Chelsea fans memorable moments but there is always room for improvements – plus the need to build for the future of the club.

No one will argue that David Luiz is not very disciplined when it comes to sticking to his role as a center back – the man loves to attack and that, with our current system (formation) can be a risky venture especially against the top sides in England and Europe who wouldn’t sit back and defend deep like the team coached by the famed “Bus Driver”.

Andreas Christensen on the other hand has shown us with his assured performances over the last couple of games what he can offer to the team on the short and long term.

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David Luiz is a professional, a seasoned one at that – one who should know what it takes to win back his place in a team like Chelsea. Instead of the repeated transfer rumors of him offering himself to different clubs, i think the man needs to come out and state boldly that he will fight for his place like Fabregas and Willian did.

Some might argue that the Fabregas and Willians’ scenario is completely different to that of Luiz because of his highly publicized burst up with the coach but no one can debate that when you give the best, no coach in his right senses would leave you on the bench.

David Luiz when back to full fitness should fight for his place…. that is my submission and should only started ahead of Andreas Christensen when he is deserving.

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Christensen is the future and a risk that is worth taking – One i believe every Chelsea fan should agree with. Mo’ Salah, Kevin De Bruyne are just a few of the examples we have of what can/will happen when you don’t appreciate and give young talents the opportunity/space to shine.

However, David Luiz can still push him out of the first eleven but only when it is deserved albeit not on the long term.

It is about time we give our young players the opportunity to be the rock on which we build just like we did with John Terry. Or isn’t that what we all have been asking for?

NB: You don’t have to agree with me but i would love to read your opinion though on this one, drop them in the comment section below.

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